Photovoltaic solar panels

As solar energy
is booming, a parallel market to the traditional sales channel has developed.
More and more second-hand photovoltaic panels are being offered for sale and
the number of buyers is also increasing. But what about the quality and safety
of such equipment? Is installing a second-hand solar panel a good deal?

What are
the advantages of buying second-hand?

The main
advantage of buying second-hand is, of course, the price. Indeed, the
installation of photovoltaic panels still has a relatively high cost. Between
the purchase price and the installation costs, some households cannot afford
such an investment. The purchase of second-hand equipment is then often
considered. It allows you to benefit from panels that can still function for
many years without having to invest large sums of money at the time of

Offering a
second life to photovoltaic panels also has a significant ecological dimension.
Indeed, this choice allows to strongly reduce the production of waste by
finding a use for panels destined to destruction. The environmental impact of
this gesture, which is still too rare, is therefore significant and would
benefit from becoming more widespread.

Where can
you get used panels?

offers are still few and far between. Even if some offers are available from
second-hand resale networks, it is preferable to turn to professionals. Some
installers can offer second-hand panels, recovered from their customers. These
are checked before resale and provide guarantees that are not available from
private individuals. These panels are often the result of after-sales service
interventions and are available at a very low cost.

of photovoltaic panels

electricity and oil have increased sufficiently, solar panels will become
perfectly profitable.

in research and development will make it possible to create storage batteries
at acceptable costs so that electricity generated when the sun shines can be
used when the sun is shining, but used later in the evening when users return